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Christening Present
If you've been invited to a Christening and need some inspiration when it comes to what to buy for a Christening present, we've got a variety of ideas for you!

A Christening present should be something special that your baby can keep forever. There are a wide range of Christening gifts available, from baby bracelets, earrings and bangles to keepsakes such as albums and photograph frames.

Baby toys, especially those made for newborn babies, make a lovely alternative Christening present. Delicate pink or blue teddies, comforters and booties are available alongside musical toys.

If you're looking for something a little more traditional, then most high street jewellers have a range of gold, silver or silver-plated Christening gifts, such as baby's first spoon sets, money boxes and teddy bear ornaments.

For something extra special, the Royal Mint produce a set of coins made during the year the baby was born which come in a presentation box.

If the baby's parents are particularly religious then a small bible would be suitably fitting as a Christening present.

Whatever you decide to get for the baby or the baby's proud parents, your Christening present is likely to be very happily received.

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