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Christenings, or Baptisms, are religious services in which a child is named and introduced into the Church. Welcoming a child into the world by officially naming it during a ceremony is an ancient tradition and you don't have to be a regular churchgoer to have your baby Christened in church.

What if I'm not religious?
Even if you don't go to church and are non-religious you can still give your baby a naming ceremony and celebrate with family and friends.

Christenings and naming ceremonies are a wonderful opportunity for family and close friends to get together. A party thrown to celebrate the occasion is likely to have one of the widest age ranges - from the baby to its grandparents and perhaps even the parents' grandparents.

When do I Christen my child?
It does not need to be held within any particular period of the birth and it's quite common nowadays to see two or more children from the same family Christened together. To a certain extent, the date will be determined by whether you want a religious or a secular ceremony. Christenings tend to be held at the end of a regular Sunday service and the party tends to roll on afterwards into the afternoon and end early evening.

Inviting the relations
Invitations for Christenings need to go out at least a month beforehand to ensure that people are free. Family will often travel long distances to attend a Christening, so it's worth including details of local B&B's and hotels for those who may want to stay overnight.

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