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Proud parent: Charlotte and Rob Stevenson
Baby: Daisy Mireille
Date of Birth - 14 July 2001
Time of Birth - 18:10
Weight - 8lb 8oz (3.85kg)
Place of birth - Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford
Email -

Daisy was due on 30 June 2001 and it was decided on 3 July that I would be induced and an appointment was made for 10 July. I arrived at the hospital at 8am and was examined by the midwife who said my cervix was 'unfavourable' - still 1-2 cm long, hadn't started to efface (thin) and was still firm so they decided to try prostin gel to see if they could get my cervix 'favourable' for induction and I was left for 6 hours. I was then examined again and there was no change to my cervix so I was sent home and told to come back on Thursday.

I went back to the hospital on Thursday only to be sent home again because they were too busy.

Finally on Saturday I arrived yet again at the hospital at 8 am and was examined. My cervix was just over1 cm dilated, still firm but starting to efface so they decided to break my waters, which was fairly uncomfortable because Daisy's head was close to the bottom of the bag of waters.

At 11am I hadn't started having contractions so I was put on a drip of Syntocin and finally at 11.20 the contractions started. The drip was increased every 15 mins to keep the contractions going.

The labour progressed at a very steady, relaxed and controlled pace which enabled me to increase my TENS machine before they increased the drip so that maximum benefit was gained.

At 3pm I was examined again and my cervix was 3 cm and almost fully effacedI started using Gas and Air in order to focus more on my breathing. My contractions were now coming every two minutes.

At 5.30pm I decided that I wasn't enjoying it anymore and asked for some Pethedine but my midwife said I was almost there as I was getting a lot of pressure on my bowels. At 6.00pm the contractions were getting very painful in deed and I was not able to breathe properly anymore, I was unable to remember to turn my TENS from pulse to constant and back and I needed to push.

After pushing with nothing happening for a few contractions my midwife examined me and said that there was still a little ridge and at the next contraction she just ran her finger round so that my cervix was a little wider and then the next contraction I gave one almighty 'I'm going to push this baby out no matter what'; noise and Daisy's head was born followed by the rest of her body on the next contraction.

The whole labour from start to finish was 6 hours and 50 minutes.

Life after Birth -
I fell in love with Daisy the minute I saw her and if I could I would hold her all day. Daisy is a very peaceful baby and spends large amounts of time awake and looking around. She is time consuming because she likes to feed alot or suck on our little fingers.

Daisy was a very big surprise to both myself and Rob. I was supposedly non-ovulatory after losing a baby at 19 weeks 7 years ago. Rob was not very keen on the idea of another child and we had a very big falling out because I decided to keep the baby but I am pleased to say that he was getting quite excited towards the end and is now fairly smitten with Daisy.


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