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Our Names: Maxine and Alec Moss
Baby: Evie Katherine Moss
Date of Birth: 7/4/01
Time of Birth - 3.45 am
Weight - 8lb 7oz
Place of birth - N & N Hospital, Norwich, Norfolk

It had not been a very enjoyable pregnancy.
I had bad sickness at the beginning, followed by Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (bad pelvic/back pain!) and put on a LOT of weight; nearly five stone in all! Three stone of this was in the final ten weeks - it turned out to be a lot of water.
I was induced on Friday 6th April, a week early, due to pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure, lots of water retention and protein leaking into urine).

They inserted the pessary at 12 'o' clock and I started having contractions at 3 pm. They didn't hurt much though' and at this point I thought labour was a piece of cake.

I poured bubbles into the hospital bath, climbed in and sat chatting with Alec about how easy this was. Then I felt a pop and my waters broke. Suddenly my contractions were agony and coming every minute (they had been coming every ten minutes).

I didn't know what to do with myself, could barely get my breath between contractions and could barely focus on any instructions. At this point the midwife peeked round the door and asked what I wanted for lunch

I demanded gas and air and the midwife said she didn't think I was in 'established labour' yet!! She offered me a couple of paracetamol! Then she witnessed one of my contractions and gave me an internal. I was 5 cm dilated. She conceded that I was in established labour and got the gas and air. I super glued my hand to the mouthpiece and it kept me reasonably sane. I was muttering 'I can't do this' over and over again (and my husband, bless him, was irritatingly echoing 'yes, you can' in the background).

I laboured like this for a further 4 hrs, sucking on the gas and air, crying in between that I couldn't do it. Then I just couldn't cope anymore with the strength of them and the frequency, they were practically continuous. I screamed for an epidural.

I had to wait an hour for this while they did a blood test for something and got the anaesthetist.

Finally they put the epidural in, but it needed to be topped up three times before I stopped feeling the pain.

Then, I felt nothing . . . it was bliss in comparison and we sat watching 'Later with Jules Holland'!

The midwife decided that it might be time to up the dose of oxytocin in my drip, but then blood started appearing in the urine bag (catheter in due to the epidural) and I started losing blood. An examination revealed I was only 7cm dilated and the babies head was face up and twisted sideways.

The midwife was worried as my contractions were reading as incredibly powerful, yet I wasn't progressing. She decided to wait before upping the dose until they could do a blood oxygen level test on the baby

The baby's heartbeat was showing signs of distress, but efforts to get blood from baby's head to measure her oxygen levels were failing due to her position. I hated watching them trying to get this blood from my poor baby, Alec said he felt such a strong protective urge at this point, he wanted to drag the doctor away.
The midwife commented on how she could see our baby had dark hair, I was so sure our baby would have fair hair, I was convinced she'd got it wrong. She also kept saying he; and I was sure we were having a girl, despite not finding out at the scan.

By now my urine was completely red and I was losing more blood vaginally too.

They decided there was no option, but to do a caesarean section.

I was suddenly terrified and couldn't stop shaking.

They topped up the epidural and before I knew where I was, husband had been gowned up and they were getting on with it.

I focussed on my husband's eyes while they got on with it. I was amazed that it really WAS painless, just pulling and tugging. The obstetrician called over the midwife at one point and she gasped at what she saw. Apparently the lower portion of my womb was pulled so tight, they could see little Evie's face through it, facing up at them, blinking at the light.

A few moments later, I suddenly heard the most amazing noise, my baby's cry! I immediately started crying too, it felt completely wonderful They held her up to me and my husband and I both said together 'a baby girl!'! (8lb 7oz). I whispered 'hey, mummy's here!' and she just stopped crying immediately and stared in my direction. She DID have dark hair!

After she was wrapped up, the midwife asked if I intended to breastfeed. I said yes, and she whipped my breast out and latched Evie on!

She stayed at my breast for an hour while I just cried with joy and relief. Then we drank tea, ate toast and watched the sun rise. A new day and a beautiful new baby daughter

It turned out that the bleeding was because the lower portion of my uterus was beginning to rupture. (due to the powerful contractions resulting form being induced, combined with babes awkward position) We were very lucky, if the midwife has upped the dose of the oxytocin as she very nearly did, it would almost certainly have been fatal for the baby and possibly me too.
The midwife took a wise decision. She was called Eve. Being that Evie was on our list of girls names, it felt right that we picked it!
They've advised that I have a section at 38 weeks in my next pregnancy, because my uterus is unlikely to cope with another set of contractions.

We watched the sun come up with a cup of tea and our new daughter!

So, it was all a bit scary and not completely as I had hoped, but the end result was better than I had ever imagined.

The hospital was wonderful and I was out two and a half days later and have recovered very well from the op.

Evie settled in very well at home and seems to have taken to life on earth like a duck to water!

Life after Birth -
Four months on and we are still delighted with our beautiful baby daughter.
We think she's pretty impressed with us too (though equally impressed with the chap behind the counter at the post office. . .).
She's a very happy, alert little girl.
We both love her very much

What Father says -


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