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Our Names: Anna and Vince Skyrme
Baby: George Frederick Alexander Skyrme
Birth: 7lb 1.5oz (3.22kg), born at 14:39
Date of Birth - 27/05/01
Time of Birth - 4.28pm
Place of birth - John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Hubby and I are now proud parents of baby George, born on the 27th May at 4.28pm weighing exactly 7lbs. He made rather a speedy arrearance for a first baby by all accounts.

I woke at 6am on Sunday the 27th with rather bad period type pains and woke hubby about 30 minutes later once I had realised they were coming regularly every 10 minutes or so. We went into hospital at 10.30am and when examined, I was 3 to 4cm dilated. I had a bit of a go with a TENS machine as I was getting bad back pain. I think it worked a little as a distraction, but didn't do much for the pain really. I was keeping mobile, walking around the delivery suite with hubby to try to speed up labour (it seemed to work!).

We went down to the birthing pool after having my waters broken, but was just about to get into it when the midwife said I wasn't allowed, as the baby had had a poo and so the baby needed constant monitoring.

So.. back to the delivery suite and I had the monitor attached. I decided not to bother with the TENS again, but had some aromatherapy (as I was puking rather a lot). It worked really well.

Poor hubby had the lovely job of looking after me whilst I puked everywhere. As I got to the end of the first stage of labour I had some Etonox gas and air stuff (which was lovely!), and then only after 5 hours of established labour, I started pushing and within another hour, George was with us. Vince (hubby) held my hand throughout.

Vince saw the head crown and come out and then the midwife had to hold the body back for a minute whilst his mouth and nose were suctioned. Vince didn't get to cut the cord though, as the baby had to be taken quickly to a resus table to be checked over by a paedeatrician in case he had swallowed any of the meconium. He hadn't though and was fine, so he was soon given back to me to hold and the three of us got to spend a few hours together in the room before being taken up to the ward.

I tore a little bit, but only first degree and had a bit of grazing, so no stitches (hurrah!).

Very quick for a first baby apparantly and they said I should mention this if we have another child, as Vince will have to have a crash course in delivery in case the baby decides to make an appearance in the car on the way to hospital or something!

Breastfeeding is going well. George fed well in the delivery suite and we have been getting better and better as time progresses. The feeding was quite tough though, especially in the few days surrounding the time when my milk came in. But, it is settling down nicely now and is going very well. He's such a good baby and we're all very happy.

Life after Birth -
We are all getting on very well. George is such a happy and contented baby. He is smiling loads and gurgles and coos whole conversations with us now! He has recently started sleeping through the night and slept for a whole 8 hours in a stretch last night. All in all... fantastic!


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