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Our names: Charlotte and Jamie Gooding
Baby: Olivia Mae Gooding
Birth: born 20:57 19.06.01

Baby was due on the 13th June 2001, but not unexpectedly didn't arrive. The next dayI had an appointment with the consultant who booked me in for an induction the following Wednesday. I was convinced I would have to be induced...I was wrong.

I woke up on Tuesday 19th June at 7am and was having some pain. It made me hold my breath. By 9.30am I was at the hospital. When examined I was 2cm (not established labour), I was given the option to either stay at there or go home for a bit. I decided that I would rather be at home for as long as possible so we made our way back home. I had a bath and tried to relax but by 3.30pm I was back at the hospital. It all happened quite quickly after that. I was examined again and was 4cms and then had a big bath there and when I got out had a bit of pethadine. I didn't find it that good :o(

By 7pm I was having contractions every 45 seconds. By this time I was on gas and air but kept getting told off by other half for not sucking at it during a contraction. It was hard to concentrate on anything. By 8.30pm I was having the urge to push but waters hadn't broken. I remember telling the midwife 'I can't have this baby yet my waters haven't broken!'. She assured me they would and sure enough the next time I wanted to push they exploded 6ft across the room, first narrowly missing my husband and then the trainee doctor! With the next push Olivia Mae was born at 20:57pm, weighing 7lb 8oz.

She's gorgeous and demanding but the time has gone so quickly already. I'm loving every minute of it!


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